What To Look For In A Caterer

What To Look For In A Caterer

There are some events that require more than just the right location and theme. They also require the right type of catering service to ensure the event is perfect. When an event is catered well, it allows the host or hostess to focus on the other details associated with the party, gala, or event.

Finding a Caterer

There are several ways to find a caterer. Online research is one option. However, perhaps the most reliable is by word of mouth. People who have used a catering company before will know how well the caterer performed and what the food was like. The food is only one aspect of a catering company’s service though. Those looking for a caterer should also pay attention to the level of customer service and the adherence to food safety practices.

Menu Choices

In addition to choosing a reputable caterer, hosts and hostesses must decide what type of food they want to be served at the event. The type of event may determine some aspects of the menu. For example, if the event is seated, such as at a wedding reception, full course meals would be appropriate. If the event is one where guests will be standing, finger food may be a more feasible choice. Once hosts know what type of meal they want served, they can look for a caterer that offers that option. Many caterers will offer a variety of options.

The Catering Crew

The catering crew is an important aspect of a catering service, especially if the event being catered is being served by the crew. The experience and professionalism of the caterers can truly improve an event. When looking for a catering company, be sure to ask about the services the crew offers. Will meals be available as a buffet manned by the crew, or will they be served to individuals? Also ensure that caterers are prepared to follow all food safety measures. This is especially important when some guests have allergies or other food restrictions.

Overseeing the Event

Finally, when finding a caterer for an event, remember to ask potential caterers about any other details that will affect the event. Some questions hosts might ask could include:

  • How long will the catering set up take?
  • Is the caterer familiar with the venue?
  • What will the crew be wearing?
  • Will the crew set tables?
  • What will happen to any leftover food?
  • And any questions the host finds relevant.

Beginning Catering

The person opening a catering company is someone who enjoys cooking, learning about new methods, and creating new recipes. This is a part of what starts a business, but the other part is enjoying interacting with people. The other skill this person must possess is the ability to manage a team of people who will work at the events the company is hired to cater. If these things are accomplished it can become a highly prosperous catering company.

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