Tips for Catering Large Events

Tips for Catering Large Events

For hosting large-scale events, restaurants need to do some major preparations prior to the event. Perfecting the execution of a big event comes with rigorous training and chalked out plans for different scenarios that might surface during the event. Right from the dining tables to the restrooms, the host needs to make sure that the staff keeps an eye on the guests who require assistance. The host is eager to provide a relaxing and enjoyable environment for the guests whether it is a celebrity dinner or a cocktail party.

Choosing a Cuisine

Cooking cuisines that do not need to be re-heated is recommended for large-scale events. Normally, food needs to be cooked prior to the event, and keeping the food heated throughout the event can be a tough job. Professionals suggest that serving a single heated cuisine and the remaining dishes at room temperature can help avoid inconvenience to the guests and solves the problem of continuous heating of food. This technique is not suggested for delicate cuisines such as fish. It’s also is a smart move to have a signature drink for the event. This eradicates the stress of refilling a full bar. It is an efficient move which causes no inconvenience to the guests at the event.

Having Extra Supplies

It is always recommended to have extra supplies to avoid running out of food in the case that unexpected guests arrive. Extra food that is left over after the event can be parceled for guests or disposed of according to restaurant policy. For large-scale events, it is strongly recommended to make every possible preparation before the event starts. For example, chopping vegetables, marinating a fish, or storing batched cocktails in the refrigerator.

Reducing Overhead Costs

For reducing cost overheads, one can use aluminum trays rather that high-end plates for serving food. These trays can be disposed of after the event, cutting down cleanup time. The type of serving-ware should be decided on early on so that everything can be gathered well before the event. Another suggested saving tip is to thinly slice any meat served, as guests often take the same number of meat slices regardless of size.

Choosing Staff

Hiring more catering staff for a large event is not always necessary, but can be helpful, as long as this is done with adequate time for training. Hiring a single bartender or a few servers ensures an intimate and enjoyable experience for the guests.

Getting Creative

The experts believe there is absolutely no harm in getting creative with the dishes. Starting from baking buns to biscuits and acquiring pastry and related food from the nearby grocery stores for making the decoration attractive is a very efficient and economical choice for the host without any hindrance to the good mood of the guests at the event. Lastly, coming up with a good presentation can add significant charm to the event. Good presentation and decoration in the vicinity of the event can go a long way in affecting the reputation of the restaurant catering in a positive way.

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