Planning The Perfect Employee Appreciation Day

Planning The Perfect Employee Appreciation Day

If you want to keep your employees happy or to reward them for being part of the team throwing them an employee appreciation event could be a great idea. Some companies may also throw employee appreciation events to commemorate special occasions such as an anniversary, or reaching a milestone in sales. Whatever your reason is there are some things you should think about first. You want your event to be a big success where everyone feels great the whole team has a closer bond afterwards. Here are some guidelines you can follow to bring everyone together.

Step 1: Decide How Large Your Budget Is

You won’t have an infinite amount of money to spend. The first thing you need to do is decide how much funding you can allocate to the event. If you dont get this figured out first you may plan things that you simply cannot afford and that would be a waste of time or worse it could cause you to not have money for other important parts of the event. So first know the exact dollar amount in your budget. You will need to pay for food and beverages for everyone who attends the event, their activities and entertainment, decorations, and you may also want to set aside money for the purchase of gifts and prizes.

Step 2: Scheduling

In order to get as many employees as possible to attend you need to choose a good day. Are your employees generally free on the weekends? Or would management possibly be willing to give everyone a paid day off? Choose the time and day where you will be able to get as many employees as possible to show up. This will make things more exciting, fun, and also allow you to maximize the potential for bonding experiences.

Step 3: Get The Team Involved

It’s a great idea to ask employees for their input when planning the event. If the employees feel like they had a personal say in the event they will be more likely to show up. They will also feel like you respect them and care about their opinion. You can have a small meeting and ask for opinions and then take a vote on things like the general theme of the event, the food that will be served, and the kind of music that will be played. Make sure first that everyone is aware of your rough budget so that they don’t ask for or expect things that you cant provide. Also make sure you get the employees input on location. You want a place that in San Marcos that everyone is familiar with or that won’t be difficult to find. Its also important that it be convenient to travel to. If the location is not convenient people will be less likely to attend.

Step 4: Games and Prizes!

You need to make sure the event you throw is really fun. Even adults like to play games. Dodgeball is a game that is easy to play with any number of people. You can tell jokes and give a motivating speech and tell jokes. Then lastly you should end your event by giving out prizes. Have a prize for everyone so that they all have something to take home. They will look at the prize and feel that you really appreciate them as an employee and that is what the event is all about.

Step 5: Order the Food & Let the Fun Begin!

Once everything is planned, contact a local catering service and place an order the correct amount of the type of food you and your employees want to enjoy. Then, get ready for the big day! If you’re looking for authentic Italian food catered for your party, be sure to contact Italian Garden to discuss your needs. We’d love to cater your event and help ensure your employees feel appreciated!