How Much Food To Order For Your Catered Event

How Much Food To Order For Your Catered Event

Ask Yourself What Kind Of Event You Will Be Hosting

The first question you should ask yourself when ordering catering is what kind of event will the catering be for. This is extremely important. An evening cocktail party will only require a few snacks and appetizers along with some drinks. A formal event with a dinner meal will require much more food and drinks than a cocktail party or reception. Knowing the kind of event you are hosting will give you a much more accurate picture of how much you really need to satisfy everybody without running out of food or spending too much on food.

Consider How Many People Will Be At Your Event

Next, ask yourself how many people will be at your event. Obviously, the more people that will be attending your event, the more food you will have to order. The less people you have, the less food, snacks, and drinks you will need. Knowing exactly how many people will help you determine the right amount of food to order. If you are not sure how many people will be attending your event, it is a good idea to order a little extra. This is in case you have some surprise guests or a few extra people. It is better to have some leftovers at the end than to run out of food because a few extra people decided to show up that you were not aware of.

Take Into Consideration Who Your Guests Are And What Their Preferences May Be

Another important thing to consider when catering is not only how many people will be present at your event, but also the kinds of people. Children and the elderly will typically eat much less than adults will. If there will be kids at your event, you may want to consider providing plenty of snacks and other kid friendly foods. The elderly may appreciate lighter fares that may be easier to consume for them. Keep in mind the demographics of your guests and you will be better able to gauge what and how much you should order. Don’t just rely on the number of guests alone. Look at who they are as well.

Take Into Consideration The Length Of Your Event When Ordering Catering

After you know how many people will be at your event and the kinds of people that will be attending, you should ask yourself how long will your festivities will take place. The longer the event will be, the more food and drinks you will need. A short event will require much less food than one that is an entire afternoon or half a day. People will eat and drink throughout a long event. Thus, you should order more food than expected for a longer duration event than a shorter duration event.

Food Tips And Advice For Catering

When ordering catering, the more food choices you have the smaller the serving sizes per each person can be. Keep in mind that guests will often want to sample a little bit of everything. So if you have a lot of choices you may need to order a little more food than if you just had a single main course. Another good tip is to have a lot of bulky foods during your event such as pasta and bread. These bulky foods can help fill in gaps and will satisfy people’s hunger.

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