Italian Ingredients You Can Grow At Home

Italian Ingredients You Can Grow At Home

Imagine preparing an Italian dinner but having to stop cooking because you forget an ingredient and must run to the store. How nice would it be to go to your backyard garden and grab the ingredient you need and go straight back to cooking? Amazing! Right? Here is an easy guide on what to plant in your garden to have a tasty Italian dish seasoned from your own backyard.


Italian basil is an herb you will definitely want in your garden. It is one of those go-to herbs that can add imagery as well as flavor to any dish. It can be planted in the garden or a small pot and kept in a sunny space. The basil has many purposes and can be added to a variety of different meals. For example it can be thrown in with pesto sauce to top pasta, and it is a necessity for salads, soups, and desserts. Plus it smells amazing.


Eggplant is the heart of many Italian favorites and is also a heart healthy vegetable that is high in fiber and vitamins, which makes it great to cook with. Some popular Italian dishes that include eggplant are eggplant parmesan, molto pasta, and pizza creations. When growing eggplant in your garden you will want to consider placing it someplace warm and watering it routinely. It may be easier to grow in a container than in the ground.


You can not have an Italian garden without having Plum or Roma Tomatoes. These tomatoes are known for having thick, meaty flesh with fewer seeds than regular tomatoes. You can make sun dried tomatoes, or smash them up to make a passata or tomato sauce for pasta. The meaty flesh from the tomatoes gives the sauce a delicious flavor. Growing these is very similar to growing other tomatoes, and the same care is applied here. Do not forget to spray for bugs because insects love nibbling on these.


Oregano is not as commonly used in Italian recipes as basil, but it is still a key herb to have in your garden. Oregano can add a spicy zest to sauces and most Italian meals featuring cheese, olives, tomatoes, or eggs. It is considered a key ingredient in pizza and pasta so having it on hand will come in handy more than once. You can plant oregano in your garden or can even keep it in a container inside your home. It just needs the right amount of sunlight and warm temperatures and you should have no problem growing it.


Rosemary is a must have in your garden. It adds a pleasing taste to multiple dishes and can add a pleasing look by garnishing any dish. A little bit can go a long way in the kitchen. In addition to the flavorful taste it also offers multiple health benefits and is a notable source of minerals like iron. Another reason to include rosemary in your garden is for the wonderful smell the plant gives off. The scent is known for being stimulating and having relaxing effects which is another benefit. Plus you can grow rosemary all year round and will always have a fresh supply for whatever meal you are cooking.

Having these key ingredients in your garden while cooking an Italian dinner can come in handy for a fresh, flavorful, delicious meal you made from scratch. Knowing you grew these on your own adds its own value to the meal and makes it taste that much better. Good luck! And do not forget to water your garden!

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