Healthy Options If You’re Watching Your Weight Part 1

Healthy Options If You’re Watching Your Weight Part 1

Everyone knows that it can be hard to stick to weight loss goals and diet plans when you go out to eat. When we are out at restaurants, we want to relax. We don’t want to worry over every little thing on the menu. You can avoid this by knowing what to look for beforehand, and knowing the options that work best for your specific diet. This can vary, depending on the specific diet, as there are quite a few different approaches to weight loss and dietary habits. Today we’ll look at what you can eat on a diet that revolves around not eating carbohydrates in order to stay in ketosis (fat burning mode), also popularly known as Atkin’s diet.

Look for Low Calorie Options

Atkin’s diet revolves around eating mainly low-carb, low calorie food that puts your body into ketosis. When you lack glucose that comes from carbs your body breaks down, your body goes into a ketogenic state. In this state, your body burns fat stores down to get the energy needed. Something that should be kept in mind for those following this diet is that you will still need protein so that your body will break down fat and not muscle.

Consider Chicken Dishes

Many diets do benefit from the inclusion of pasta for the complex carbs derived from it, but ketosis is reliant on low carbs. Some great menu items to consider include any chicken or veal dishes, which have low carbs and high protein. This is also a great way to get the protein you need to avoid your body burning muscle instead of fat.

Sides and Seafood

As for side dish options, stay away from bread sticks and anything fried. Instead, check out seafood options, such as dishes that incorporate shrimp or scallops, which is high in protein but lower in carbs. Another option to go for is grilled and steamed veggies. Sauteed Veggies, especially mushrooms and spinach, are also great.

Salad, Salad Dressing, and Soup

You can always just get a salad for your side, or for your main dish, but beware of toppings and add-ons. Avoid anything that’s fried. Consider getting something with seafood in it, and remember to order a low-carb dressing. Portion control is an important part of keeping your dressing from adding too many carbs or fat, so add sparingly. A lot of soups also feature low calorie counts. One such tasty dish is tortellini soup, which is a great low-carb option.


Antipasto is a well known Italian dish that is basically a huge variety of cheese, meats, and veggies. This can be a great option for those wanting to try out a few different things, in moderate portions. Cheese is a largely under-utilized ketosis tool, but it works within the framework of the diet perfectly. In certain parts of Italy cheese is made using goat dairy products, and these tend to be slightly leaner than other types.

Ask About Available Substitutions

When eating out, asking about substitutions can also be a great option for those watching their calorie count. Some dishes can be modified to align more closely with your diet. For instance, if your heart is set on a dish that includes bread, ask for wheat bread. The same goes for some meat dishes, in which lean meat can be requested.

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