Easy Italian Dishes To Try At Home

Easy Italian Dishes To Try At Home

Italian cuisine is popular with people all over the planet. It’s no surprise, either. Food from Italy is absolutely delectable and filling. It doesn’t have to be hard to make, either. If your New Year’s resolution was to cook more, or if you just want to enjoy a tastier New Year, there are numerous Italian meal options that are a piece of cake to prepare. You don’t have to be a master chief to be able to wow people in the kitchen. There are quite a few Italian dishes that are suited to people with all levels of cooking ability.

Chicken Puttanesca

Chicken puttanesca is a tried and true Italian dining staple that also happens to be a cinch to prepare. “Puttanesca” refers to a pasta sauce that’s made of a blend of anchovies, tomatoes, olives, and garlic. If you want to dazzle your taste buds with an Italian meal that won’t take you any longer than 20 minutes to whip up, chicken puttanesca makes a strong choice. It’s a crowd-pleaser, too. It works particularly well right next to a side of angel hair pasta.

Veal Marsala

If you’re looking to prepare an Italian meal that’s hearty, comforting, and easy as pie, there are few dishes that can top veal marsala in any way. Fans of tasty sauces typically have a hard time turning away from veal marsala. This dish is especially fitting for people who don’t have much time to spare in the kitchen. You can usually get it ready in a maximum of 10 minutes or so, believe it or not. Find a first-class marsala at a nearby wine shop that has a strong reputation. Invest in first-class veal, too. If you have tasty beef consommé and mushrooms, you’re 100 percent ready to go!

Mediterranean Salmon Salad

People who want to take fresh approaches to Italian cuisine won’t be able to say no to the charms of a Mediterranean salmon salad. Salads are mouthwatering. They’re ideal for people who have busy and packed schedules, too. That’s because getting them ready is always such a breeze. If you want to savor a refreshing yet filling Italian dish, you won’t regret making Mediterranean salmon salad. You can also consider switching the salmon with canned tuna, chopped shrimp, or even crabmeat. The choice is ultimately yours.

Spaghetti with Peppers and Roasted Chicken

Italian food fans who are interested in meals that are simple and that pack a powerful flavor punch will fall quickly in love with spaghetti with peppers and roasted chicken. Onions and peppers can be a party in your mouth. This dish is sure to be a favorite among anyone at your dining table, too. This dish isn’t only appealing to the taste buds, it’s also appealing to the eyes. It’s chock-full of color, after all.

Skillet Chicken, Peppers, and Potatoes

If you’re looking to dazzle the world with an Italian meal that’s the ideal blend of simple yet mouthwatering, skillet chicken with peppers and potatoes should certainly do the trick. People who want to revel in the tastes of roasted chicken can have a blast with this dish. It doesn’t involve time-consuming oven preparation in any way. This chicken dish should be a staple for all busy Italian food enthusiasts.

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