A Look at Different Types of Wine Bottle Openers

A Look at Different Types of Wine Bottle Openers

Just as wine drinkers prefer a variety of wine styles, they also have a preference to the style of wine bottle opener. Some favor the traditional corkscrew method while others choose the smooth motion of the lever style or air pressure corkscrew. There are numerous methods to opening wine bottles, you simply need to find which option works best for you.

Ah-So Cork Puller

The Ah-So Cork Puller has a metal handle on top with two prongs on that slide around the cork. You then pull the handle to release the cork from the bottle neck. This is the most popular tool for opening odd bottles of wine.

Air Pressure Wine Opener

The Air Pressure Wine Opener has a needle that is inserted directly into the cork with a small CO2 cartridge that delivers the ideal amount of power into the bottle to safely force the cork out of the neck. This type of wine opener will work for between 80 and 100 bottles and is an excellent option when a high volume of bottles needs to be opened quickly.

Coravin Wine System

The Coravin Wine System is unique in that it inserts a needle through the cork allowing you access to the wine without opening the bottle. This is a lesser-known wine bottle opening method but is still as effective as the other types of bottle opening methods.

Electric Wine Corkscrew

With the simple push of a button, the Electric Corkscrew drills into the cork and pulls it from the neck of the bottle. Foil cutters slice the packaging and simultaneously act as a stand to hold the device into place. All electric wine corkscrews come with an AC charger and are ideal for those with little hand strength or arthritis.

Lever-Style Corkscrew

Also known as the Rabbit-Style Corkscrew, the Lever-Style Corkscrew has two handles that wrap around the bottle neck and a lever connects it to the worm. To open, simply push and pull the lever which forces the cork from the bottle. Additionally, table-mounted Lever-Style Corkscrews are available for home use.

Table Top Wine Opener

The Table Top Wine Opener is easy-to-use but more expensive than the traditional wine openers and takes up more space. The mechanism is visually appealing and should be used by more restaurants who offer wine-by-the-glass programs. By simply pulling the lever down, the worm burrows into the cork. By pulling the lever up, the cork is popped out of the bottle.

Twist Corkscrew

As the name suggests, Twist Corkscrews have a handle on one end allowing you to twist the worm directly into the corkscrew and pull it from the bottle. The most popular type of Twist Corkscrew is the Chrome Wing Corkscrew which has an 1888 British Patent set by H.S. Heely. It came to the United States in 1930.

Waiter’s Corkscrew

The Waiter’s Corkscrew is a standard tool for a waiter opening a wine bottle in restaurants (hence the name) as well as in homes across the globe. This device is handheld and equipped with a metal body, worm and blade to slice the foil. This is the oldest type of wine bottle opener available.

Selecting a type of wine bottle opener is almost as important as selecting the wine itself. You must find a tool with which you are comfortable for regular use and that is within your budget. There are many brands available from which to select.