Catering Indoors VS Outdoor Events

Catering Indoors VS Outdoor Events

Finding the perfect venue for an event can be stressful. Of the many decisions one must make, choosing between hosting indoors or outdoors can be the most difficult. One of the factors one must take into consideration when making the big decision is the event’s catering arrangements. Insight and proper planning often eliminate stress, so following are several pros and cons to keep in mind regarding how your venue can affect your event’s catering set-up.

Pros of Outdoor Events


Some of the most breathtaking photos utilize natural lighting. One might even say photographers prefer it to artificial lighting. If picture perfect memories are especially important to you, then this is worth noting when searching for a venue. In addition, outdoor venues offer plenty of illumination for a catering crew during daylight hours.


Planning for adequate space is paramount and when hosting outdoors, the potential for space is quite substantial. When planning where to fit in a buffet style catering set up especially, outdoor venues offer plenty of options.


Outdoor venues tend to be far less costly than indoor venues and can sometimes even be free of charge. This will leave funds open for other expenses. In regards to catering, outdoor events usually prevent planners from having to rent extra space for the catering set-up.

Cons of Outdoor Events


The open floor plan and absence of walls at an outdoor venue make for an uncontrolled event space. If your event has a buffet style meal, it may be difficult to keep guests in orderly lines when serving food.

No Built-in Facilities

Outdoor events don’t often come with the convenience of bathrooms, sinks, or temperature control. Depending on the dishes you’re having catered, lack of sinks can cause problems. Also, consider that bugs like mesquitos and flies abound when there are no walls to keep them out, which can cause annoyance to guests and health hazards to catered meals.


Unless you’re hosting in a location known for its dry seasons, it may literally rain on your parade. No one can control mother nature and opting for an outdoor venue comes with the risk of weather malfunctions. While some events can carry on in wet weather, it can damage catered meals.

Pros of Indoor Events


If, for example, you’re looking to have a boisterous celebration or a quiet meeting, hosting indoors is a lot more private and makes for a more intimate event. Plaster walls and a door will bar your event from onlookers. For catered events, the privacy of the indoors can also prevent non-event members from mooching off of the food for the event.


The aesthetic and overall mood is under your control when you’re hosting an indoor event. If the temperature is off, you can change it. If the décor isn’t quite right or the music isn’t, you can easily tend to both. In addition, catered indoor events will come with more electronic amenities for your catering service.


No guarantees but the chairs will probably be more comfortable and there’s no beating air conditioning in the summer or heating in the fall. There are no bugs to worry about bothering prepared food, and there probably won’t be much trekking to do to reach a sink or fridge. There’s an accessibility indoors that doesn’t often exist outdoors.


Indoor events are easier to secure because the area is enclosed. Passage points are manageable and so security has a better handle on controlling the space. The added CCTV systems also ensure a sense of security. If a crime is committed during the event, or something gets damaged, you’ll know exactly how it happened and who did it. This added security can keep catering equipment safe throughout the event.

Cons of Indoor Events

Maximum Capacity

A definitive maximum capacity isn’t so much an issue when you’re planning a small event, but can be an annoyance for bigger events. If the idea of a maximum capacity sounds unbearable, an indoor event might not be for you. In addition to limited space for guests, indoor events can limit the space for setting up food and catering equipment.


Indoor venues are usually more expensive and the prices skyrocket in the winter because they’re in high demand. Cost of the venue can increase once you factor in room for a catering crew in addition to attending guests.

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