Autumn Traditions: Chestnut Festivals

Autumn Traditions: Chestnut Festivals

Italy hosts a wondrous amount of festivals in late summer and autumn. During September and October, some popular festivals around the country are chestnut festivals. These festivals happen up and down the entire country. Many of the events celebrate regional varieties of the popular nut, and use them in all types of dishes. Below are some of Italy’s most popular chestnut festivals.

Arcidosso Chestnut Festival

This festival takes place in the Siena area of Italy. The event celebrates not only chestnuts and chestnut dishes, but also the city of Arcidosso. Many historical landmarks can be found in and around the city, and the festival is a great opportunity for visitors to experience them. Festival goers can even attend tours of the nearby chestnut woods.

Tarzo Chestnut Festival

The chestnut festival in Tarzo, Italy focuses on chestnut dishes, as well as other local products, from produce to art and other items. The chestnuts used in the Tarzo festival are those known as Marroni di Combai. The name indicates that the chestnuts used in the festival are from the Combai area, near Italy’s Treviso Alps.

Marradi Chestnut Festival

The Marradi Chestnut Festival takes place in the Mugello area of Italy. Similar to other festivals, the event centers on food and events based solely on chestnuts. The dishes use marroni chestnuts, which are grown around Marradi and across the Mugello area. Some of the dishes seen during this celebration include a variety of pastries, including Cannolo with a filling made from chestnuts and ricotta cheese, and delectable chestnut based pastas.

Aritzo Chestnut Festival

In Aritzo, a city in the area of Sardinia, the autumn chestnut festival involves plenty of chestnut dishes, but is also a chance to showcase local art. Art exhibitions and music performances are popular, as are other handmade projects, such as wooden furniture from local artisans. In addition to the many traditional chestnut delicacies, Aritzo is also known for its local lemon sorbet, or carapigna, which is often used for cleansing the palate between tastings.

Combai Chestnut Festival

The chestnut festival in Combai is known for continuing throughout the week, as well as on weekends, often going on until midnight in the evenings. Combai is in the Treviso Province, which is particularly famous for its chestnuts. The soil in the area is especially suited for growing chestnuts, and they are grown over a wide area in the region. The chestnut festival here showcases local artists, and also offers tastings of countless chestnut based dishes, including a chestnut based ice cream.

Chestnut festivals have become a delectable part of autumn in Italy, and can be a great way to experience local cuisine. The dates of the events often vary from year to year, to if you plan to travel to Italy to attend one, make sure that the information and dates you find are verified before you purchase your plane ticket. If you would like a taste of authentic Italian cuisine closer to home, visit Italian Garden, in San Marcos, TX.