Amazingly Different Types of Pasta

Amazingly Different Types of Pasta

There is nothing quite as magical as a big heaping bowl of pasta. It is no wonder that pasta dishes are a staple in most American homes. Whether it be spaghetti, macaroni and cheese or tuna casserole, pasta always seems to find its way into the most delectable entrees.

Did you know that there are several dozens of different types of pasta styles? Let’s take a look at some:

Larger pasta shapes go great with thick, meaty sauces.

Lasagne are thick sheets of pasta that are typically used in baking to make lasagna dishes; perfect to be layered with thick cheese.

Rigatoni is a large, hallow but dense pasta. It has ridges for holding different pasta sauces.

Reginette, similar to lasagna, is a wide ribbon shaped pasta. It can be used in baking or stove-top preparations.

Pappardelle is a broad flat pasta. It is popular in colder months and pairs great with thick meaty sauces.

Fettuccine is a thick ribbon shaped pasta that is often cooked al-dente. It is often mixed with Alfredo sauce to create the ultra-popular Italian dish Fettuccine Alfredo.

Skinny pastas pair perfectly with light sauces and vegetables.

Fideo, one of the most fragile types of pastas, are short and very thin. It is usually added to soups.

Angel Hair Pasta resembles thinner strands of spaghetti. Due to the thinness of this pasta, extra meaty sauces can easily be overpowering. Angel hair pairs great with light sauces or olive oil.

Vermicelli is thicker than angel hair but thinner than spaghetti. It literally translates to “little worms”, You will find this pasta style in many stir-fry dishes.

Spaghetti is one of the most popular pasta styles in America due to its versatility. You can pair spaghetti with just about any sauce.

Tiny pastas are usually added to soups or used as a “base” to different dishes.

Acini de Pepe resemble tiny peppercorns. They are usually added to soups and broths, such as Italian Wedding Soup.

Ditalini resembles tiny thimble shapes. It of used in baked dishes as a pasta base or in salads.

Pastina is a super tiny pasta frequently used in Italian and Turkish soups. Due to its super fun size, it is popular amongst kids.

Orzo or “barley pasta” is shaped like small grains. It can be used with any sauce and is often served as a side dish.

Anelli closely resembles Spaghetti-Os’. These are small rings of pasta that can be prepared with light tomato sauces.

Fun shaped pastas take on crazy shapes. These are popular amongst children and are fun to eat.

Ruote are circular pasta shapes that resemble wagon wheels. These go great with soups, pesto sauces or salads.

Rotelle, similar to Ruote, are little wheel shaped pastas. These often come in a variety of different colors and can hold sauces very well.

Farfelle, aka “bow tie” pasta can make any pasta dish more fun. These are usually thick and can absorb sauces and flavors very well.

And There You Have It!
These are some of the most popular and interesting types of pasta! Don’t we all just love Italian cooking!