Add Romance to your Wedding with Italian Food

Add Romance to your Wedding with Italian Food

What is the best way to add some romance to your catered wedding dinner? Italian food. We’ve all seen the classic “Lady and the Tramp” and that pivotal moment when they fall in love over a plate of spaghetti. You might not want to share noodles but a surefire way of adding a flavor of romance to your big day is to have Italian food. But what is it exactly that makes Italian food romantic?

The Herbs

The smell alone of delicious Italian herbs can cause your mouth to water. There is more to these common plants than just delighting your tongue. The herbs used in Italian food have a long history in ancient times as aphrodisiacs. Many of them today are used medicinally. They have a reputation of adding to one’s health and libido. Let us take a look at a few of the most common herbs.


This herb was used as an aphrodisiac probably due to its ability to help with circulation and blood flow. More recently though we’ve found that, “100 g of fresh herb basil leaves contain astoundingly 5275 mg or 175% of daily required doses of vitamin A. Consumption of natural foods rich in vitamin-A has been found to help the body protect from lung and oral cavity cancers.”


This herb has long been known to aid in relieving stress which leads to relaxation and romance. The scent of Thyme is calming. In fact, according to, “Thyme provides 0.35 mg of vitamin B-6 or pyridoxine; furnishing about 27% of daily recommended intake. Pyridoxine keeps up GABA ( a beneficial neurotransmitter in the brain) levels in the brain which has a role as a stress buster.”


This delightful staple of Italian cuisine is packed with benefits. Anciently, garlic was added to love potions due to the heat it causes when consumed. Nowadays, not only can we enjoy the heat of Garlic but also one of its core components Allicin. “Allicin and other essential volatile compounds also found to have antibacterial, antiviral, and anti-fungal activities.” Eating garlic may not ward away vampires but it might ward away some bacteria.

Italian food is romantic because of the rich herbs used to make it. Not only do they taste good, but they are good for you!


Another reason having Italian food at your catered wedding is romantic is because it is so versatile. There is something for everyone. Leaving your guests with just a few options will put a damper on everyone’s mood. That is one of the best things about Italian, with pasta, vegetables, sauce and meat options, everyone will find something to love.

Beef, Chicken, Veal, Seafood or even Vegetarian choices abound. When it comes to lovely presentation Italian food wins. The visual colors of the sauces against the plate and dashes of color in the vegetables are all part of the Italian food atmosphere.

What could be more romantic than smiling, well-fed guests?